A developer, data geek, and serial entrepreur. Founder of FuseTalk (acquired), Deadheat and 360pi

I'm an all around geek which loves to spend most of his time on his computer. I've been working with computers for as long as I can remember; starting out by cleaning the shelves at a local computer store and working my way up ever since. I worked for many companies but most notably, Inly System, Jetform Inc, FuseTalk Inc. (co-founder; aquired by FuturePath in 2006), Apption Software, Deadheat (founder) and 360pi (co-founder).

I am currently the CTO and lead architect of 360pi (formerly gazaro.com). 360pi is a big data price analytics platform I helped design and build from the groud up. Our customers are fortune 500 retailers, such as Best Buy, Ace Hardware, build.com, and Overstock.

I love my road bike, playing chess, my amazing family and many other things that I can't think of right now.

My Projects

Deadheat A big data analytics service to help horse racing handicappers make better decisions
SuperDude the Game A quick javascript game that I created with my son over the holidays
Connexion.me A simple open source bookmarking service that I created for my personal use.
TidyReadr A simple open source chrome pluging that removes all the fluff from a web page and makes the article or blog post easy to read.
mongodbsearch A MongoDB full-text search plugin for small to medium collections

Blog Posts

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