Saratoga Race #10 – August 6th

Course Type: Dirt – Distance 1 1/16 mile – Stake – 1m

Pace Bias

This is a Early and Pressers dream race with 81% of the races being won by them.  P and S have 13% and 6% respectively.



 1 American Revolution

  • Pace: EP
  • Speed: Fast Speed

This horse has never raced at this class, but there aren’t too many that have in this race.  The class is comparable with the others.  Definitely a horse that likes to stay up front.  Not really take the lead but more stalk until the end.  He’s won before and can win again no doubt. Predictions: 2nd to 3rd  2  – Hot Rod Charlie

  • Pace: EP
  • Speed: Great Speed

If there is a horse that can fight with  6  and  4  it’s him.  Great speed, loves to stalk the winner.  Although he’s starting from the rail, its shouldn’t be too much of a problem since  3  is a slow starter. His only race at this level, he came in 2nd.  What’s the saying, always the best man never the groom.  This is him…  Is today his day? Prediction: 1st to 3rd  3  – Zoomer

  • Pace: P
  • Speed: Worst Speed

Not much to say about this horse.  Slow starter, doesn’t have the speed.  He’ll be at the back of the pack and will struggle to make up ground in the stretch.  Miracles do happen but not today! 🙂 Predictions: 4th to 6th  4  – Olympiad

  • Pace: EP
  • Speed: Great Speed

The second favorite in this race.  Great speed, great pace and never loses.  Today may be his day to finish 2nd but if you take him first there’s no shame in that.  Only thing going against him is that  6   has more experience at higher levels. 1st or second finisher though. Prediction: 1st or 2nd  5  – Happy Saver

  • Pace: EP
  • Speed: Decent Speed.

There’s always one or two horses that are ready to take advantage of the favorites messing up, this is one of these horse.  I’d pick him as a long shot or as 3rd in my trifecta, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s first or 2nd.  My long shot pick of the race. Prediction: 2nd to 4th or great Long Shot pick  6  – Life if Good

  • Pace: E
  • Speed: Best Speed

The only horse to rival him in speed is  2 .  He loves to take the lead and keep it there.  Very possibly a wire to wire winner.  He has the experience at this class level, finished first in the his last race.  It’s hard not to take him.  I think the post will do him well too.  He’ll be able to keep out of trouble for most of the race.


There are 3 E and EP horses that are fast,  2   4  and  6 . This is one of those races where either one of them takes control and wins, or they all tire themselves out and a horse like  1  or  5  takes it by a nose. This is a big race with lots of attention and I’m tempted to take against the public on this one an just pick a long shot!?  What do you think?


Exacta Box:  2   4    6  /  2   4   6 . Long Shot Win Pick:  5