Saratoga Race #7 – August 6th

Course Type: Inner Turf Distance 1 1/2mile – Stake- 250k

Pace Bias

This is a sustainer’s dream race with 64% of the races being won by them.  E, EP, and P make up the rest of the 36%.


 1 Temple City Terror
  • Pace: S
  • Speed: Okay Speed
This horse starts the day at 12/1.  She has raced in this class before and has had mixed results. Some good and some bad.  She’s up against other good horses but not many that are faster.  If she stays at this price she’s a possible long shot. Rails are never a good thing for Sustainers though since she’ll be boxed in pretty bad. Predictions: 2nd to 4th  2  – Virginia Joy
  • Pace: P
  • Speed: Very Good Speed
This is a horse that always tries, but doesn’t always know how to finish.  He races that she has won or placed have been at a lower class level. The races at this or higher level she finished 4th.  Given  6  will most likely outrun her, I won’t take this horse as a winner. Prediction: 2nd to 4th  3  – Petricor
  • Pace: S
  • Speed: Very Good Speed
Sustainer with very good speed, but she’s always been outclassed at this level.  That said, there isn’t too much of a field here and it’s a situation where you never know.  Maybe the key here will be to find a good position to slot in early in the race and wait for the right time to move forward.  Doubtful she will outrun  6  but we’ve seen weirder things happen in the past.  Very similar speed to  2   but I like her post better. Predictions: 1st to 3rd  4  – Flanigan’s Cove
  • Pace: P – Border line S
  • Speed: Okay speed.
This horse has never won from the back, she’s always finished 2nd or 3rd.  Her speed isn’t great and she’s moving up class.  I think it’s going to be a uphill battle for this horse.  She may try to take the lead and go wire to wire.  Hard to see her doing much in this race.  Possible long shot?! Prediction: 4th or more.  5  – Key Biscayne
  • Pace: P
  • Speed: Good Speed
She starts the day at a wopping 30/1 odds.  The speed isn’t too bad and the post isn’t too bad either.  She’s won at this level also.  She’s going a bit further than usual though but finished first in Delaware at a 1 3/8 mile race.  If the pace is right this may be another possible long shot pick.  She just doesn’t have the same finishing drive as  4   Prediction: 5th or more  6  – War Like Goddess
  • Pace: P – Border line S because of her last race
  • Speed: Quickest
She has the speed, she’s got the right pace, proven winner at this class, proven show at a higher class.  Don’t pick this horse in your exacta wheel and you’ll regret it. Prediction: 1st  7  – Treasure Tails
  • Pace: P
  • Speed: Word speed
This horse loves staying back, like far back. She doesn’t have the speed to take on the field.  She starts the day at 50/1 and will probably stay there. Prediction: 5th or more


This is  6  – War Like Goddess race to lose, there’s no doubt about that.  If I had to pick another horse it would be  3  – Petricor. Not much else to say about this race.


Exacta Box:  6  /  3   1   2  Long Shot Win Pick: 4