Saratoga Race #9 – August 6th

Course Type: Dirt – Distance: 7F – Stake – 500k

Pace Bias

This is a Early and Pressers dream race with 75% of the races being won by them.  P and S have 12% and 13% respectively.


 1 Matareya

  • Pace: EP – borderline E
  • Speed: Fastest Horse

This horse is the best of the field.  Perfect pace, proven he can win at this class and great speed.  It’s hard not to take this horse.  There isn’t too much else to say about her.

Predictions: 1st.

 2  – Sterling Silver

  • Pace: P
  • Speed: Worst Speed

This horse starts the day at 15/1.  She’s never won at this class before, but did show last time around.  The speed isn’t great though.  She had a bad outing but even still, not a horse I’d pick.  She’ll have a hard time keeping up the pace and not fast enough to make it up.

Prediction: 5th or more

 3  – Elm Drive

  • Pace: EP
  • Speed: Good Speed

Good pace, speed isn’t too bad.  Starts the day at 8/1.  It seems to be a horse that’s improving with every race.  She wasn’t ready for big classes finishing 7th both times.  The trainer took her down a couple of levels and she won.  Last time around she was against better horses and finished in 3rd.  This will be a do or die type race for this horse.  Show me what you got or we take you to claimers type of thing.

Predictions: 1st to 3rd

 4  – Wish You Well

  • Pace: P
  • Speed: Very weak speed.

There isn’t much history on this horse, only 2 races.  One win and one 10th.  It’s a horse that could surprise you, but there just isn’t enough information about her to make an educated decision.  Starting the day at 12/1 is not surprising.  She wasn’t super fast in her win.  Maybe not a winner here but I’m tempted to take her in my 2nd place of the exacta wheel.

Prediction: 2nd to 4th

 5  – November Rein

  • Pace: EP – Border line E
  • Speed: Okay Speed.

Pace is good, but speed is so inconsistent.  She’s going up class.  Race great in her last race with a 102 speed figure.  If she can do that again, she’ll be a force to recon with for sure.  10/1 may be very good odds for this horse assuming she can deal with the faster ladies. 

Prediction: 1st to 3rd or great Long Shot pick

 6  – Hot Peppers

  • Pace: E
  • Speed: Okay Speed

If it wasn’t for the speed figures she’d be a great horse to take. Proven to win at this level and has the right pace.  Similar to other horses in this field, I’m not sure she’ll have the speed to take the win.  Really inconsistent too.

Prediction: 2rd to 4th

 7  – Chi Town Lady

  • Pace: S
  • Speed: Weak Speed

This horse starts the day at 15/1.  There isn’t too much to say about them.  Never won at this level, not great speed and loves to the at the back.  Maybe they try her at the front and see what happens.  Either way, this horse is not for me. Prediction: 5th or more


This race is full of inconsistent horses which, if you like long shots, could be a great race for you.  Nevertheless, it’s hard to dismiss the  1  and  3 . Those are the 2 front runners for this race.  5  is your long shot pick.


Exacta Box:  1   3  /  1   3    4    6  Long Shot Win Pick:  5